How do I do what I do?

The first question most people ask me is….how on earth do you do this?  Here goes:

I make each and every piece in my vignettes and cloches by hand – the dresses, the shoes, the flowers, the blades of grass, etc.  There are no cast elements nor push molds employed in any of my work.  I often design templates on Adobe Illustrator to make my own textures using a photopolymer printing plate process.  

My primary medium is silver metal clay and silver wire.  The clay is made up of microscopic particles of fine or sterling silver (whichever I am using for a particular project), water and a glue-like binder.  This creates a clay unlike any other.  I manipulate the clay using my hands and various tools, then, upon drying,  it is fired in a kiln at a temperature of 1650 degrees F.  Everything burns away in the kiln except for the silver particles,  which now fuse together again to create a piece that legally assays as .999 Fine Silver or Sterling Silver.  Traditional metalsmithing techniques may now be applied, such as soldering, fusing, filing and finishing and enamelling.

All of my vignettes are professionally framed in custom, solid wood frames by my master framer - Mirium Dorland-HaightThe walnut bases of my cloches are designed by me, then prepared by a talented router technician.