I've moved!


As of mid October, 2017, I have been creating out of my new studio at Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre.  Those of you who have visited me in my beautiful home studio may wonder why on earth I would go elsewhere.  Self-preservation actually.  I was alone all day, and since I stopped doing so many shows I found that I really missed the interaction with other artists, and art lovers and collectors in general.  In the short time I've been in my new space I have had some great creative ideas which I'm really looking forward to exploring.  Real time feedback from visitors seeing my work for the first time also feeds my creativity.  I share my space in the stone building with a jeweler, 2 painters and a ceramicist.  Lots to look at and enjoy!

Where is Williams Mill?

Williams Mill is located in the charming hamlet of Glen Williams, on the outskirts of Georgetown, Ontario.  Click here for directions.  The mill itself was converted into working studio spaces approximately 20 years ago so that the public could fully engage with artists and their processes.   Come to visit and plan to have a walk around the Glen, then have a bite at one of the wonderful eating establishments right next door.... The Copper Kettle Pub or The Glen Tavern.

The gallery and many of the studios are open from Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 5:00 pm.  I am typically there Wednesday-Friday only until 2:00, and all day Saturday and Sunday.  If you plan to make a visit especially to see me, please contact me to ensure that I will be there.