New Direction - What and Why?

Why are you not working in silver anymore?  Can I still purchase a silver vignette? What's this wax medium you are using? 

All wonderful questions.  I'll attempt to answer them.

 Early in 2016 it became apparent that scrunching over miniature work for so many years was taking a serious toll on my neck.  Thoughout the year I availed myself of many, many different therapies, with limited results.  I'm having the most success with Reformer Pilates, but the whole ordeal helped me to make a decision that I have been contemplating for quite a while.  While I love my wee silver vignettes and secret gardens, I felt like I had nothing left to say with them.  When that's missing it becomes work as opposed to personal expression.   This really became apparent to me when I was able to use my drawings to process my deep feelings of sadness over recent world events.  Perhaps in the future I can use them to bring something positive to the world.

As a young girl...5-12 most likely, I drew non-stop.  Then, because I wasn't the most confident kid, I stopped, mostly because I decided I couldn't draw because I don't draw photo realistically.  It wasn't until I was compelled to start again last summer, almost 45 years later, that I came to life again artistically.  It then just happened organically that I had the vision of embedding my wee ladies in wax, the proper name being Encaustic, an  ancient art.  I also want to go LARGE, yet still keeping my drawings tiny, so you'll have to stay tuned to see how I do that.

I will be participating in an encaustic workshop later this month with a local master, then head to Seattle in May to study with one of the preeminent artists working in the medium today.   

I am still very happy to take silver vignette commissions.  Simply e-mail me and we'll make something work.  For the time being I will still show silver vignettes at a few events, but I'll be adding my encaustic pieces as I flesh out my ideas more fully.

I thank you all for your support and connection over the years.  I hope you stay with me as I take this exciting step, but wish you well if it's simply not your thing.

One last something wonderful for someone else in 2017....I promise it is the greatest thing you can do for yourself.