New Work - Flug

As the crow flies 18" x 24"

2018 has been a year of inspiration and wonder.  For only the second time in my artistic career, a new series popped into my mind, fully developed and just waiting to be born.  I spent the summer months experimenting with techniques and engineering required to bring it to fruition.  I am still months away from realizing my vision, but during these experiments I was led down a parallel route to a companion series.  This first piece in this 2nd series (Flugis warm from the torch!

I'm in love with the bold, graphic design that still embodies a touch of whimsy and peace.  Many more works to come.  

Why Flug?  I used to live in Germany many years ago.  My daughter was born there and it will always have a special place in my heart.  Flug means flight, and these pieces explore the various ways and means with which we can all rise up.