I design my Secret Gardens and Love Letter vessels using 2D and 3D programs, then acid free paper slices are cut with a digital cutting machine that I have programmed myself. I meticulously stack and align the approximately 200 layers of paper by hand using jigs I have built myself. The pieces are then embellished with my hand fabricated silver, copper and enamelled components.


Many of the components in my framed, miniature silver vignettes are hand sculpted from a clay-like form of fine or sterling silver. I work with the clay to form my pieces, and embed patterns and designs using a photopolymer printing plate that I have made myself. Other components such as butterflies & flowers are hand sawn out of sheet silver, then fused or soldered to their components. After final finishing I arrange these beloved objects in custom, solid wood frames, playing with gesture, with a wistful not towards my childhood.


There are no mass fabrication methods used in my work. My hands touch and form each and every piece.